Women’s World Cup 101

With the women’s world cup fast approaching, we wanted to give you the lowdown on everything from teams, dates and more.

When did it start?

Kicking off in 32 years ago in 1991, with China as the host, the competition had just 26 games. Fast forward to 2023 and we find our own country as the host, not only that, we bear witness to even more games than ever before. We cannot wait.

Although tickets will be hard to come by now, watch that game in heaps of public spaces across the host nations. Check out our recommendations for best places to watch the world cup across Australia and New Zealand.

When and where is the women’s world cup?

This year it’s taking place from 20th July until the 20th August across various stadiums in Australia and New Zealand. Venues include Eden Park in Auckland and Stadium Australia in Sydney.

32 teams will compete for the first time, up from 24 in previous years. Teams are split into groups in the initial stages, where they all play each other – the top two from each group move into the round of 16, which then progresses into the quarters, then semis and then the 3rd place play off and the final.

What do the groups look like this year?

Australia and New Zealand are placed within Groups A and B. See below for how the other countries are placed.

  • Group A
    • New Zealand
    •  Norway 
    • Philippines
    • Switzerland
  • Group B
    • Australia
    • Republic of Ireland
    • Nigeria
    • Canada
  • Group C
    • Spain
    • Costa Rica
    • Zambia
    • Japan
  • Group D
    • England
    • Haiti
    • Denmark
    • China PR
  • Group E
    • USA
    • Vietnam
    • Netherlands
    • Portugal
  • Group F

    • France
    • Jamaica
    • Razil
    • Panama
  • Group G

    • Sweden
    • South Africa
    • Italy
    • Argentina
  • Group H

    • Germany
    • Morrocco
    • Colombia
    • Korea Republic

How does it work?

Who has won the most Women’s World Cups?

The tally so far has USA out in front with 4 Women’s World Cup Titles, followed by Germany (2), Norway (1) and Japan (1). Could this year could be Australia’s? Can’t wait to watch and find out.

Feeling pumped and ready to cheer Australia on? Check out a FIFA’s short icons film focusing of the legend that is Sam Kerr. Grab that Kappa shirt, and let’s go Aussies!