Two iconic brands. Two legendary logos. Kappa and K-Way have joined forces for a young and colorful collection. 

Founded in 1978, Kappa has always had a special bond with the sports world: the now iconic colorful tracksuits have been the uniform of basketball, football, ski and Formula 1 teams, besides having been sported by entire generations of young people who wanted a functional and elegant sportswear. But it's the logo which made Kappa so recognisable and appealing, two figures leaning on each other's backs, replicated all over pants and sweatshirts. Functionality and style are the main core of K-Way: the name itself becomes the iconic word synonim of the product. The special nylon that never wrinkles and can be folded infinite times, along with that minimal, straightforward, colorful logo: these are the elements that made K-Way part of the collective imagination. 

The Kappa X K-Way collection is the marriage of these legendary brands, which gave life to a unisex and colorful range. The iconic logos, dramatically expanded, cover sweatshirts, waterproof jackets and pants made in the famous nylon. A collaboration dedicated to the young generation of cool kids, like the ones of these shots, young people always connected, who take inspiration from Instagram feeds: the long heritage of the brands opens up to a always younger audience, thanks to fresh and modern items. 

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